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Using GPT4 as a Developmental Sparring Partner (Beta!)

Find here a list of various Dialectical Sparring Partners.

  • You need your own GPT4 account access them.
    Your answers are not shared with me of course. If you don´t want your answers to be used to for the further learning of GPT you need to adapt the settings of your GPT account.
  • I openly share the scripts of the different modules here: 
    Please comment if you have suggestions for improvement.
    I encourage you to adapt them and build your own Dialectical Sparring Partners. If you build on this material you need to publish it also under the same license - creative commons - see below.

The various Dialectical Sparring Partners ("DSPs")

How to use:

  • Be aware of the aim of the DSP: to spar you, the user, with questions, not to offer any insights or new information.
  • DSP is designed for open questions we are wrestling with: How might I ... so that ...; please use the "normal" GPT if you want answers, recommendations, improvements of text, inspirations and ideas.
  • click on the one prompt offered
  • the script is not yet "robust" - please follow the questions as offered
  • sometimes it is necessary to nudge, e.g. by writing "please continue as defined by the script"
  • DSP makes hypotheses about the user´s personality after the first questions and after the central questions. The results will be shared at the end of the dialogue.
  • keep in mind that GPT4 has a cap of 40 messages within 3 hours
  • To have a inspiring experience I recommend that you do not "just" answer the questions to satisfy the curiosity of the DSP, downloading what you already thought before, but rather that you take these questions as a nudge to think afresh about your topic. 
  • Es ist auch möglich, das Gespräch in Deutsch (und wohl auch in anderen Sprachen) zu führen. Einfach das Gespräch nach der ersten Frage auf Deutsch fortsetzen. 
  • It would be great if you could provide me with feedback: 

Digital Dialectical Sparring

A slideset that explains my assumtions, hypotheses etc around using GPT as a Dialectical Sparring Partner



Der Integrale Turm / The Integral Tower

Das Dialektische Dreieck / The Dialectic Triangle

The Cognitive Butterfly

Let´s talk - Andere und mich selbst verstehen, Gemeinschaft jenseits der Unterschiede stärken durch Dialog

My Itinerary - some kind of autobiography along stages of development

Weitere Publikationen / More Publications



  • Alle Publikationen sind Creative Commons - das bedeutet: Sie sind "frei". Sie können damit auch Geld verdienen. Die einzige Sache: Wenn Sie die Dinge editieren und weiter veröffentlichen, müssen Sie es unter den gleichen Bedingungen tun, die ursprüngliche Quelle nennen und es mich wissen lassen. 
  • Everything is Creative Commons - that means: It is free. You can even make money with it. The only thing: If you adapt it and republish it, you need to let me know (information, not asking), give the source and do it under the same conditions (Creative Commons)